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Post by Adorabamf on Fri Oct 30, 2015 8:59 am


This is the New Helix forum. First of all, thanks for dropping by. This forum was created not only as an area in-between TEv1 and TEv2, but also as a place for NH members to roleplay if you prefer text-based roleplays over image-based ones. So from the Mod Team at New Helix, welcome!

Forum Guidelines

Really, just follow the TOS, don't godmode, and keep drama out of the forum. This place was created with the intent of having a fun, relaxed environment where people can roleplay and post art and stuff. Please don't ruin that for everyone.

How To Join

Show an interest, app a character if you haven't done so previously, and have that character accepted. Then you're in! Have fun!

The District Forums

These districts are where your roleplays take place. Pick one and go nuts. Just keep on your guard if you enter a district with a rival gang, for example. You never know who might drop by...

The OOC Forums

The OOC forums, unlike the district forums, are individual from each other and can't be universally covered. They cover more behind-the-scenes topics, as well as other fun stuff.

Art Gallery

We love art. Art is amazing. If you've drawn or scribbled something and you want to share it with us, this is where it goes. Traditional, digital, doesn't matter. All are welcome in the Art Gallery. Information posts with pictures (like Big Apps) can go in here, as well as art batons.


This is our General forum. Out-Of-Universe posts go here. Just joined up and wanna say hi? Sure thing. Got a new dog? Cool. Wanna discuss books? Yep. Did you get a gem on trade and want to tell us all about it? Go for it! The possibilities are endless! You can also organize plots and text-based information here, as well as text-based batons and RPs-for-the-LOLs.

The Pinboard

The Pinboard is the place to go if you're looking for the Mini Apps, events, mod messages, and all that other good stuff. Check here occasionally for any events and stuff that you might have missed on other platforms.

Overall, we hope you enjoy navigating the forums, sharing your art, and doing the roleplay thing. Have fun and stay awesome.

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