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Post by Adorabamf on Sun Nov 15, 2015 10:40 am

So Mason used to watch this cute little anime when he was a kid called "Tiny Shiny Pumpkin Prince" and absolutely loved it. Basically the main character is a shiny small size gourgeist who goes on magical boy adventures. Whenever Mason wasn't being a destructive little prick, he was watching TSPP and even had a Poe Terrian Geist cosplay. Mainly wanted to draw this because while Mason is a sadistic piece of trash, it's just fun drawing him being a huge weeb. Really, his true passions are explosions and aviator jackets.

Adora's Notes and Dump Mason_cosplay_small_by_adorabamf-d9grxct

((tldr: adora finally decides to post something instead of deleting at the last minute, have a piece of trash pokejink with piece of trash fake anime who grew slow))

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