Phoenix Rising ((A Bad Romance RP))

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Phoenix Rising ((A Bad Romance RP)) Empty Phoenix Rising ((A Bad Romance RP))

Post by SilVicious on Wed Nov 04, 2015 6:57 pm

Things were slowly starting to come together. Tablecloths neat, napkins folded, silverware polished. The large table was really just three or four put together and hidden beneath fabric, but it was warranted.

Inferno had fallen, and it had fallen hard. Vivian remembered that day as a vivid nightmare, as the day she considered giving up entirely and stepping off the mortal coil herself. Instead, from the ashes an opportunity presented itself in the form of a slender ninetails with a bomber jacket and tattoos upon her hip. A contract, a deal, a new start. Regain everything in return for her services, and a cut of the profits. She would have been stupid to refuse.

A deal was struck, and Vinny elected a more... profitable, albeit dangerous path. It was fresh in her memory, and the newly punctured tattoos upon her spine still stung as she pledged her allegiance to her new 'investor'. A new location chosen, new furniture purchased and new staff hired at her benefactor's expense, in exchange for her participation in gathering information and allowing the building to be used for trade purposes. "Phoenix..." She would mutter to herself, as she often did these days, trying to commit the new name to memory. Her dream had been reborn from the ashes of the fallen Inferno. It seemed fitting.

After the weeks of preparation and her complete initiation, it seemed appropriate to Vinny to show her gratitude to her benefactor and to acquaint herself with the members of the gang she was now part of. Spending most of what remained of her savings, to ensure that the night's events did not fall on Cherri's dime, she had gathered all the ingredients for a feast, and asked that word be sent to those she was not yet in contact with. "Bring your mother as well if you'd like," she said. "I know you mentioned before how she enjoyed the pasta, and I would be happy to make it for her."

All that was left to do was wait for her guests to arrive.


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