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Post by The Pau of Your Life on Mon Nov 02, 2015 8:07 pm

Gonna make this separate from my sketch/info dump thread, so that people have easier access to my big apps! :0

Pau's Big Apps Nh_sim11


Name: Simma Ranjeet
Age: 33y/o
Gender: Female (MTF)
Pokemon: Gogoat
Moveset: Worry Seed - Synthesis - Confide - Defense Curl

An illegal immigrant from Nepal who came to New Helix for sexual reassignment surgery. She's supported financially by a wealthy married man in Helix Heights, but is horribly abused by him and too afraid to seek help. Because he's married, he keeps her in a house in Upper Westside, where she lives alone when he's not visiting or taking her to his place in the ritzy part of town. Personality-wise, Simma comes off as someone who's kind of oblivious/tends to have their head in the clouds, but it's just her method of pretending that everything is okay. She has a bit of a problem with emotional eating, and in general is obsessed with the culinary arts.

(You can find more detailed notes on her in my dump site thread!)

LOL THIS IS SO LAZY BUT IDGAF just trying to get big apps done by tonight--
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Post by The Pau of Your Life on Sun Nov 08, 2015 2:46 am

Pau's Big Apps Eva_nh12

Name: Eva (Ixchel) Cuevas
Face Ref: Arti Cameron
Age: 28y/o
Gender: Female (technically non-gendered, but default form is female)
Height: 5'0"
Pokemon: Mew
Moveset: Transform - Teleport - Metronome - Psychic

A high-ranking member of Team Rocket who's been sent to New Helix with Adam, her clone/partner-in-crime. As a sort of paramilitary agent, her mission is to deal with some of the gang problems in the city, and ensure that they aren't interfering with Team Rocket objectives. Despite being a certified genius, she tends to act extremely goofy most of the time, only occasionally showing a focused, calculated side beneath the facade. Her ethnicity is South American in origin, but she grew up in the laboratory on Cinnabar Island, along with Adam. She has albinism, and smells strongly of sunblock as a result, as her skin is very vulnerable to UV rays.

Pau's Big Apps Lee_nh11

Name: Leipoxais "Lee" Agathyrsi
Face Ref: Richard Armitage
Age: unknowable; appears early/mid-30s
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10"
Pokemon: Omastar
Moveset: Whirlpool - Waterfall - Shell Smash - Ice Beam

Born in an ancient sea-nomad warrior tribe, Lee's body accidentally became mummified after he was murdered by one of his brother-husbands (his tribe practiced polyandry), and was uncovered several millennia later. Revived in the lab on Cinnabar Island, he was brought completely back to life with all of his memories, knowledge, and skills from the past, but with a few genetic complications as a result of the regeneration process. However, since he joined up with Team Rocket (the ones who funded his rebirth), he is kept on a strictly-monitored health regimen, so that he stays in the topmost physical condition possible. This is important, because he acts as a spy for TR, infiltrating the Free Traders by posing as one of their smugglers.
Together with his cheerful but somewhat dingy Dewott partner Ruhai (who is an actual Trader, and doesn't recognize that Lee is an interloper), they work the waterways leading into New Helix. Lee is the fighter of the duo, leaving Ruhai to act as the actual carrier of the goods--and together they handle interactions with customers, pulling off a pretty solid good-cop-bad-cop routine. Lee is the "bad cop", being extremely abrasive by nature and easily annoyed. Not to mention he comes from a culture where drinking from the skulls of your slain enemies is considered perfectly normal. So, yeah. There's also that.

Side Notes:

  • Doesn't have arm bandages or iron deposits in skin, because he has better health care in this universe, and doesn't have to get as many phlebotomies.
  • He wears a spiked collar because he was choked to death/drowned, so this prevents anyone from putting their hands on his neck again.
  • Prefers to keep his hair braided or in a ponytail, but has to leave it down on the job, in case he has to get in the water at some point. His siphuncle (which is hidden within his hair) has to be kept loose so that he can adjust his buoyancy underwater, as needed.
  • All of his piercing jewelry is made of brass, so that it doesn't rust.
  • Occasionally, he'll have a splint or cast on one of his left fingers; in very tight situations, he'll fracture one of his own bones to activate "shell smash".
  • For this reason, he wears a small vial of hyper potion around his neck to act as a local painkiller when he breaks a finger, until he can get to a hospital.

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